For table tennis players, ping pong paddles are considered a fighting weapon.

There are many types of rackets on the market today, with different prices, cheap and expensive.

But for many people, especially new players who still do not know the table tennis racket manufacturers.

How to choose for you the table tennis racket that suits the playing style and the reasonable price?

Below, we will introduce the top 5 famous table tennis rackets to you and how to choose the table tennis racket for new players.

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1. The general structure of a ping-pong racket

Before learning to play ping-pong, the player must understand and know the structure of the racquet. Let’s find out how table tennis rackets are designed.

some famous table tennis racket

Table tennis rackets are divided into 2 parts that are:

The blade part:

It is usually made of wood or synthetic materials. Currently, the carbon blade is most widely used.


Usually glued with a layer of spiny foam

Based on each athlete’s preferences, forte and tactical skills, they will choose either forward or reverse paste.

The size, weight and shape of a ping-pong racket are unlimited.

Currently, there are 2 basic types of table tennis racquets, including vertical and horizontal racquets. Table tennis athletes rely on individual abilities and techniques that choose racquets with different features.

This right spiked racquet (with the spikes facing outwards) is characterized by good elasticity, strong hitting and fast speed. This racket is suitable for those with a fast attack style, close to the table.

The inverted foam racket is characterized by creating a high spin when hitting the ball, suitable for those who have a knack for curving balls or cutting balls.

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2. Introducing some famous table tennis racket manufacturers

2.1. Butterfly table tennis rackets

Butterfly Table Tennis

The butterfly is a famous table tennis racket manufacturer in the market. Products of this brand appear in almost all major tournaments around the world.

The butterfly is a brand that produces a prestigious table tennis racket from Japan. Every year, this brand releases many different new racquets with the most modern technological innovations.

Some of the most famous lines of Butterfly table tennis rackets today must be mentioned, such as:

  • Butterfly Sardius.
  • Butterfly Fukuhara.
  • Butterfly Tamca.

2.2. Xiom table tennis rackets

Original XIom SOLO table tennis blade pure wood racquet sports indoor  sports

In addition to Butterfly, Xiom is at the top of the table tennis racket manufacturers. This brand of table tennis racket comes from Korea.

This company specializes in the production of racquets, ping-pong tables and table tennis related tools. Not only Korean table tennis players, players all over the world know this brand.

The advantages of Xiom table tennis blades are highly durable. The handle fits well. Some of its racquets are the most chosen by users, such as:

  • Xiom FEEL HX PRO
  • Xiom FEEL S7
  • Xiom FEEL HX PRO
  • Xiom Zeta Offensive Carbon

2.3. Animus table tennis rackets

Animus | Telai Tennis Tavolo Made in Italy

Animus is a brand new handcrafted Italian table tennis blade. Although not as famous as Butterfly and Xiom, the company has also been winning players’ hearts in terms of design and highly reasonable price.

Animus is trying in the future to produce racquets from a variety of woods and styles to suit each player.

2.4. Table tennis rackets by Donic Appelgren Allplay

DONIC Aperugureon All Play table tennis paddle

Donic is a German brand specializing in the production of professional table tennis tools. Donic products are popular with table tennis players around the world.

Highlights of the Donic table tennis rubber are manufactured to European standards. Most Donic table tennis rubbers use the air bubble technology behind the rubber.

Donic products are products with average price but outstanding quality, very easy to combine with other blades.

Donic rubber and table tennis rackets are a lot of users in Asia or the world.

2.5. Yinhe table tennis blade

Yinhe table tennis paddle

If you are a table tennis player but with a limited economy, you are looking for a popular racquet for yourself. The Yinhe blade is a great choice.

The Yinhe is a Chinese table tennis racket maker. The company specializes in making racquets and rubbers at very low prices, but the quality is completely guaranteed.

We hope that our sharing will help you choose the best racquet for you.

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