Media Distribution Services – The digital media distribution services are provided via Satellite, landlines/internet and on cloud. The Digital Media Distribution services in all forms have very high quality of services and being used by premier media houses of the region. Media distribution is accomplished across various domains and regions.


Adore has a teleport facility in Singapore (New Tech Park). State of art and high level of service level delivery are key features of the teleport. These features are attained using a high degree redundancy and fail-safe mechanism to provide exceptionally high availability services along with classical uplinking from various teleport facilities in Singapore.

ADORE provides end-to-end solutions including Uplink, Downlink, Turnaround and Playout services from our advanced, fully automated and redundant teleport facilities. Our teleport serves for permanent and occasional use broadcast clients from around the world.

Having the most advanced HD, SD and UHD digital technologies; our dish farm has comprehensive world-wide coverage, the capability exists to deliver television channels anywhere on the globe.

Our tailored service solutions from traditional teleport to flyaway and transportable uplink and downlink systems meet the mission-critical needs and requirements of every media customer.


Our teleport provides services in SCPC as well as MCPC platforms for SD and HD channels with MPEG-2 / MPEG – 4 compressions and DVB-S / DVB-S2 / S3 modulations. The facility is capable of Uplinking channels on all premier satellites like ASIASAT, MEASAT, INSAT, INTELSAT series amongst others from Singapore. ADORE has the distinction of uplinking for quality broadcasting purposes over a very large number of Television channels.

Some of the key features of our services offering in Singapore are very high service level deliveries. The convenience of studio, post-production, playout and uplinking & from the same place. In-house content monetization platform to further monetize the content apart from a linear television channel. Video connectivity with on-site PoP of all the major telecoms & CDN providers. Wide range of additional options with seamless adaption/expansion capabilities.