Consulting, design, manage, staffing, built, operate, transfer, training and outsourcing the complex media technology setups and operations with completely customized offerings, one of the best across the globe.


Adore team specializes in transforming a site from the bare shell to state-of-the-art broadcast centre be it for new, for entertainment or sports or any other television channel. We engage starting from planning, system designing, integration, installation, testing, commissioning and final delivery of the project adhering to timelines, within the budget and tailor-made solution. At the same time, it is ensured smooth functioning of the site by providing adequate training to the manpower and hand-holding post-completion.

Adore’s deep-rooted relationship with all the leading technology providers and equipment manufactures makes its technical solutions and design more flexible. Our in-house competence ensures the right technology solution for our customers.

Services include:

Technical Consultancy

Developing work-flow for a Broadcast station based on customers content eco-system.

Turn-key Installations

Broadcast Engineering Services.

Service Level Agreements (SLA), compliances & Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

Legacy technology and continuity of services

Comprehensive Project Management Solutions

Technical and Operational Personnel Training


The capability of setting up of all types of channels (news, entertainment & religious) typically includes studios, PCR, MCR, CAR, Voice over booths, editing suits, Playout Automation, MAM and NRCS, Teleports, DSNGs, outdoor production units and technical training etc.